Mabon celebration Sat. 9/21/19 $5 at 6:30 at the store

282 Main Street, Cornwall, NY 12518, US

(845) 458-8726

Brid's Closet

Retail, Tarot, Spiritual items, Tea, Candles, Incense & Tarot readings


New class at Brid's Closet!

Mabon Celebration at Brid's Closet

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 Please come and join us for our Mabon Ceremony, where we will work with Demeter and Persephone as light and darkness in a guided meditation, as we celebrate the turning of the wheel again and the autumnal equinox.  Please bring a dish to share. $5 


Astral Projection Meditation at Brid's Closet.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Come join us for a meditation workshop where you will learn the basics of Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, the Vibrational State and the VELO technique for inducing these states. We will also talk about chakra activation and the bioenergetic system.  There will be time for questions and answers, as well as time for people to share their personal experiences. This workshop is open to beginner's as well as advanced practitioners.  

Friday, October 4, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM

Our Weekly, Online LIVE Facebook event

 A talk show with a fresh perspective!  The idea is that the show will answer the needs of both the tarot community, and also the needs of the wonderful people who seek the advice of the tarot!  Questions are a must and I encourage all readers and customers to log in, post your questions, and hopefully learn from each other!  We will do interviews with other practitioners, diviners and a few surprises along the way.  If you have an event coming up, feel free to post here or message me privately and I will try to announce it online.  We will also be touching on other methods, such as crystals, herbs, runes and more!

We will try to make this a weekly event for everyone to enjoy! Say something interesting about your business here.

Questions & Comments are welcome!

I encourage all to post their questions about the tarot or divination practices!  I would love to hear about what you do!  Log in on Mondays and post your questions in the comments!  Let me know if you have a tarot business or event coming up as well!