Introduction to High Magick 8/17/19. $25

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New class at Brid's Closet!

An Intro to Modern Ritual Magick August 17th-3 pm to 5 pm


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 In this lecture, I will try to
give you a brief introduction into the history, theory, tools, and
rituals, of the Golden Dawn Tradition of Ritual magick, along with a
basic understanding of Qabbalah, and Renaissance and Elizabethan Angelicmagical systems, such as The Key of Solomon and Enochian Magick.

Frater Q.L. has been practicing (eclectic) Wicca for almost 40 years,
and has been studying and practicing Ritual or High Magick for the last
ten years.  He holds degrees in anthropology and Asian studies,  studies
comparative religion, is a gourmet chef, a martial artist, and is a
lover of cats and other animals.

Class is $25 per person.  About 2 hours long.  Please RSVP so we have enough materials for everyone!