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About Us

All about our amazing tea shop!

Brid's Closet has been selling herbs and teas since we first opened on 2001, but I wanted to take it to a different level. I am a total "tea snob" and wanted to feature the best loose leaf teas possible for retail. I took courses in tea preparation, the grades of tea, and what to look for in a particular harvest.  That led to the stock that we now have!  When you come to Brid's Tea Connection, you will be shown how to look for a quality tea and how to prepare it.  

Preparation & Info

Did you know that different types of tea are prepared differently?  For the best "tea" experience, take a peek at some tips on making the best cup of tea possible!

Black teas:  The tea leaves get their dark color from oxidation (NOT fermentation).  Think of an apple that has been sliced and left open to the air.  It turns brown.  1 tsp of loose tea per cup.  Only use the best water you can. Tap water has chemicals that can alter the taste.  The water should be heated to 212 degrees and steeped for approx. 3-5 mins.  This to be sure the essential oils in the tea do not burn off.   Very high in caffeine and moderate amounts of antioxidants.

Green Tea: Less processed, thus not as oxidized.  Water should be heated to 180 degrees.  One tsp of tea per cup.  Brew for 2 to 3 mins. Water should be heated to 175 degrees.  Very high in antioxidants, can help to lower cholesterol, and can aid in weight loss.  Moderate caffeine.

Oolong tea: falls between Black and green tea. 1 tsp per cup.  Brew for 2-4 mins.  Water should be around 195 degrees.  High in caffeine and has antioxidants.

White Tea;  Not oxidized. Delicate in flavor.  1 tsp per cup.  Water should be around 175 degrees.  Brewed 2-3 mins. Low amount of caffeine.  Very high in antioxidants because it is not oxidized.

Chai Tea: No caffeine (tho some brands have it added after the fact. Not really a tea.  Made of seeds, seasonings and barks.  Boiled for 10 mins, milk and sugar added and then strained.

Tea for you!

We sell all of our loose leaf teas by the ounce.  Come on by to see the wonderful selection that we have .  We look forward to seeing you and helping you with the different blends of tea and herbal teas that we have.  All hand picked, NO GMO's and Organic.