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Brid's Closet

Retail, Tarot, Spiritual items, Tea, Candles, Incense & Tarot readings

Featured Artisans at Brid's Closet

Bonnie brae soap

the bonnie brae brid's closet

Organic handmade soap, bath bombs, lotions, deodorant, sugar scrubs and more.

Rich organic oils and free trade butters are our staple ingredients.  We only use palm oil sparingly, and when we do it is from sustainable sources. We feature  The Bonnie Brae's products at Brid's Closet!

Hudson Harmony

hudson harmony brid's closet

 All of our products are handcrafted in small batches using the finest natural and organic ingredients. They are then infused with aromatherapy grade organic essential oils and absolutes. We do not test on animals. We don't use petro-chemicals, formaldehydes, sodium laurel sulfates, or synthetic fragrances. We feature Hudson Harmony's products at Brid's Closet!


moondancer jar candles brid's closet

The finest handmade incense, jar candles and oils!  Made exclusively for Brid's Closet!  Each Jar candle had a burn time of over 75 hours, made of soy and cotton wicks.  Many of you will recognize many of Moondancers products from the New York Renaissance Faire.

We feature Moondancer's products at Brid's Closet!

About Us


Brid's Closet Metaphysical Shop

We started so small. We rented a small space in a store. That space was the size of a closet! That is where we first got part of the name for the business! The Goddess Brid (Brigid, Biddy, Bride, St. Bridget) is the Goddess of creativity, music, art, smith-crafting and more.  I named the store after her!

The doors first opened in 2001 and we have been growing ever since.  Brid's Closet carries a full line of metaphysical/spiritual items, has lots of classes in the various subject, host a lot of authors (book signing) and events.  A weekly book club,  Facilitate our annual Beltane Festival every May, offer services such as tarot readings, spiritual counseling and Reiki healing.  Definitely not your average retail store!


Our ever changing line of products!

Our inventory is constantly changing.  Our retail products are varied:

Tarot   Books   Candles   Incense   Herbs

Oils   Florida Water   Sage   Palo Santo

Soap   Lotions   Candle holders   Dream catchers   Smudge fans   Crystals   Statues   Salt Lamps   Jewelry   Earrings   Books,   Rattles   Tea   Greeting cards   Poppets   bath & beauty   Tarot readings



Tarot Sessions

I have been reading the tarot for about 25 years now.  I moved up from NYC in '92 and started reading professionally at shops all around Orange County NY, and read for a few years at the NY Renaissance fair. I specialize in the tarot and Lenormand cards, and incorporated mediumship work into my sessions.  I also do Tea leaf readings when I do the tarot upon request.